I don’t get it? One minute we were playing that second hand acoustic guitar and the next you’re a household name. Neither do I. All I know is that I’m grateful for where I’ve ended up. So no more youtube covers or band practices in Michael’s garage? Hey don’t go getting all nostalgic with me! We will always remember those days. We will always remember what we came from. I will always remember you. Go and do your thing Luke, I’m so proud.It’s all because of you.  
Let’s see how far we’ve come.


I keep looking at Luke’s “girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money” tweet, and think:

"I wonder how many people know that’s actually a Good Charlotte song?"


"I’m so fucking happy" written with 1200 knives.
By Farhad Moshiri

Anonymous asked: do you think sex with Luke is vanilla?
christinegalvan replied:


I think Luke would be so nervous when you first do it together but he’d be amazing, make it so sensual and he’d make sure you were happy all the time.
I think that he would be vanilla, but not boring - so it would be amazing sex just no kinky stuff.
BUT one day you’d have an argument over something and luke would get really heated and slam his hand on the wall next to your head. And then he would look at you, panting and would kiss you so hard and get you to jump on him. You would have the kinkiest sex in your goddamn life like he would tie you up with whatever and use a vibrator on you until you came like 3 times and he would make you call him sir as he finally fucking pounded into you.
;) x



i’m still waiting to evolve from “a luke girl” to “luke’s girl”

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